Beewax কাঠ এবং ফার্নিচার পোলিশ

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The product is a natural beeswax secreted by the beeswax, finely purified and filtered -A mastic on the basis of beeswax is made specifically for the processing of wood. -Try to feed and protect bare wooden surfaces using traditional methods. -Our traditional beeswax polish is based on an ancient formula that treats and protects all wooden surfaces with a mixture of natural beeswax and mineral oil, free of silicone, oil or abrasives. -The wax makes wood more beautiful, impregnates wood and creates a protective moisture resistant layer. -The waxed wood shows fibers and texture, looks better and is protected from moisture. -Easy to apply and excellent results, our traditional polishes will dry to a smooth and silky appearance without making the wood oily. -Smells fresh,Makes the kitchen smell crisp and clean after every use. -Used for artwork, furniture, flooring, seal printed stone, wood bracelets, etc. -This product can help to increase texture, moisture, and prevent crack for the wood surface. -85grams